The non-profit organisation

Le Grangé is a hostel that is operated as a non-profit organisation (act of 1901) and was set up in 2009 at the initiative of Aurélie Damestoy and Andreas Flemming. By operating a non-profit organisation we seek to maintain the spirit of the Camino and offer the pilgrims reasonably-priced accommodation whilst also offering them the role of hospitaleroVoluntary helper in the pilgrims’ hostels on the Way of St. James who provide advice and practical support to other pilgrims. Le Grangé is further a member of the Les Haltes vers Compostelle association, which pursues similar objectives.

By setting up a non-profit organisation it is possible to:

  • We offer a place of peace, relaxation and rest for pilgrims on their Camino, for hikers, cycle tourists and horse trekkers.
  • Hospitalero on the Camino Arles? We offer this option in accordance with our needs and otherwise assist your search for a suitable position.
  • We offer non-commercial groups space for workshops and practical activities (e.g. organic cooking, yoga, shiatsu, music)…
  • We provide space for private events.
  • We provide information and exchange experiences about how to grow and process fruit and vegetables organically.
  • We offer the opportunity to work in the vegetable garden.
  • We are building a small house from ecological materials such as wood, straw, loam, cork etc. with volunteers.
  • In our barn we want to create another large, light-flooded room so that in future we can provide even better premises to dancers, musicians, comedians and clowns.

These are our annual newsletters in frensh languges with facts, figures and anecdotes.